Other HTZ equipment

Other HTZ equipment for welders and fitters.

Personal protective equipment includes clothing and footwear that workers wear or use during work, and serve to protect the body from the harmful effects of the work environment. Harmful influences that endanger the life or health of workers when joining and separating materials are: dust, smoke, gases, molten, red-hot or hot objects, electric current, harmful radiation, etc.

At corwhen wearing breathing masks, it is essential that the mask fits well, in order to prevent the passage of unfiltered air. The filter should separate steam particles, and the welder's breathing should not be impeded. Such masks do not remove gases produced during welding, with the possible exception of ozone. Welding masks with air supply eliminate many hazards that arise during welding. The air supply system must ensure the flow of clean air into the welder's inhalation zone. Cooler air reduces discomfort when welding.

Masksfor welding with a filter, they contain a filter through which air is blown with the help of a fan into the welder's inhalation zone. Breathing equipment consisting of a pressurized bottle, respirator and pressure gauge, which enables welding in suffocating or poisoned atmospheres, where fresh air supply is not possible.