Industrial equipment

  • Additional materials

    Additional materials


  • Gas technology

    Gas technology

    GCE equipment, Morris equipment, gas trolleys, gas cylinders, medical equipment

  • Welding equipment

    Welding equipment

    Reducing valves, sets, electrode holders, ground pliers, contact guides ...
    The best offer of electrode holders, ground clamps

  • MIG / MAG equipment

    MIG / MAG equipment

    MIG / MAG polycables, GCE / ESAB / Translas Spiral and Teflon guides, various types and lengths, air or water, contact guides, gas diffusers.

  • TIG equipment

    TIG equipment

    Wolfram electrodes, TIG polycables, tungsten electrode holders, ceramic nozzle holders

  • Plasma and laser parts

    Plasma and laser parts

    Plasma burner spare parts

  • Control


    Visual accessories and equipment
    temperature, current and voltage control,
    spacing and shear of pipes, dimensions
    weld, gas flow during welding, etc.

  • Soldering


    Pastes, powders and soldering fluids, wire, tin, silver solder, salm.

  • Welding machines

    Welding machines

    ESAB, Iskra, Rhino, resistance welding machines

  • PPE equipment

    PPE equipment

    Welding protection equipment from the world's leading manufacturers.

    Jackets, pants, aprons, protective sleeves and suits. Proban.


  • Grinding


    Cutting and grinding wheels, grinding wheels, sandpaper, polishing agents, diamond grinders

    Standard plates with high grinding properties for all types of grinding.

    Grinding wheels of different dimensions/ p>

    For professional...

  • Tools


    Machining, lifting, electric, pneumatic and hand tools, gauges, adhesives and sprays

  • Metalworking machines

    Metalworking machines

    Metalworking machines, pipe end processing, torque wrenches/ p>

  • Materials and own products

    Materials and own products

    Equipment for industry, construction locksmithing, cooperation/ p>

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