ŽICA FOXcore 347-T1 fi1.20

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ŽICA FOXcore 347-T1 fi1.20

ŽICA FOXcore 347-T1 fi1.20

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Postupak zavarivanja
EPP - žica i prah


Rutile strip alloyed flux cored welding wire with fast freezing slag providing excellent positional operating
characteristics and fast travel speeds. It is easy to use and operates with a powerful penetrating
spray arc transfer, minimum spatter formation and self releasing slag.
This flux cored welding wire offers many economical and quality advantages over solid wire pulse arc
welding. High deposition rates and productivity gains are easily achievable. Additional cost effective
benefits are offered through use of less expensive shielding gases, good wetting characteristics (less
grinding), little temper discoloration & bead oxidation (less pickling expenses), easy operation and safe
penetration (reduces the risk of weld defects and associated repair work costs), and smooth and clean
weld finish (less post weld work).
Due to its characteristics mainly for positional welding and service temperatures between -120 °C to
+400 °C. For downhand and horizontal welding positions (1G, 1F, 2F) our flux cored wire BÖHLER
SAS 2FD should be preferred.
Approvals and Certificates
TÜV-D (10059.), SEPROZ, CE
Same Alloy Filler Metals
SMAW electrode: FOX SAS 2 GMAW solid wire: SAS 2-IG (Si)
FOX SAS 2-A GMAW flux cored wire: SAS 2-FD
GTAW rod: SAS 2-IG SAW combination: SAS 2-UP/BB 202
Base Materials
1.4550 X6CrNiNb18-10, 1.4541 X6CrNiTi18-10, 1.4552 GX5CrNiNb19-11, 1.4301 X5CrNi18-10,
1.4312 GX10CrNi18-8, 1.4546 X5CrNiNb18-10, 1.4311 X2CrNiN18-10, 1.4306 X2CrNi19-11
AISI 347, 321, 302, 304, 304L, 304LN; ASTM A296 Gr. CF 8 C; A157 Gr. C9; A320 Gr. B8C or D
Operating Data
re-drying: ø mm amps A voltage V
possible, 150 °C / 24 h 1.2 100 - 220 20 - 31
shielding gases:
Argon + 15 - 25 % CO2
100 % CO2
Welding with standard GMAW-facilities possible, slightly trailing torch position (angel appr. 80 °), slight
weaving is recommended for positional welding; when using 100 % CO2 as shielding gas it is necessary
to increase the voltage by 2 V; the gas flow should be 15 - 18 l/min.
Mechanical Properties of All-weld Metal
(*) u
Yield strength Re N/mm2 (MPa): 420 (≥ 380)
Tensile strength Rm N/mm2 (MPa): 600 (≥ 560)
Elongation A (L0 = 5d0) %: 35 (≥ 330)
Impact work ISO-V KV J + 20 °C: 75 (≥ 347)
- 120 °C: 38 (≥ 332)
(*) u untreated, as-welded – shielding gas Ar + 18 % CO2
Typical Composition of All-weld Metal
C Si Mn Cr Ni Nb
Wt-% 0.03 0.7 1.4 19.0 10.4 +
EN ISO 17633-A:2006: T 19 9 Nb P M 1
T 19 9 Nb P C 1
EN ISO 17633-B:2006: TS347L-FB1
AWS A5.22-95: E347T1-4
GMAW flux cored wire, high-alloyed,
chemical resistant
Corrosion Resistant Filler Metals – GMAW Flux-cored Wires